Leticia Orchanheski by Cody Lidtke in ‘Inside / Outside’

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Photographer Cody Lidtke and stylist Janelle Olsen team up to bring us a story of modern-day elegance. Model Leticia Orchanheski poses in a trailer while wearing luxe designs from the likes of Balmain, Saint Laurent and Givenchy with a touch of fur. For beauty, makeup artist Dana Rae Ashburn creates a winged eyeliner look while hair stylist Levi Monarch makes sure Leticia has sleek fringe. Gaddiel Lopez worked as set designer for the shoot.


Leticia-Orchanheski-Model01 Leticia-Orchanheski-Model02 Leticia-Orchanheski-Model04 Leticia-Orchanheski-Model05 Leticia-Orchanheski-Model06 Leticia-Orchanheski-Model07 Leticia-Orchanheski-Model08 Leticia-Orchanheski-Model09 Leticia-Orchanheski-Model10

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